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    My Truck Through Its Stages

    Anyone still on this site? I finally got a new password and was able to log into my original account.

    60lb injectors and Circle D stall

    I have some parts kicking around I need to get rid of. I have pretty much brand new Bosch 12 hole EV6 60lb at 43.5psi injectors forsale. have 200km at most on them. $400obo also selling my Circle D 245mm 4C multi disk for 60E trans. $700obo

    Project Throwdown LS OBS

    I am making this thread for my brothers 92 GMC Sierra. this will be a long slow build but I will update as it comes along. He is building it to compete in Throwdown someday, it is just a toy but he wants it to be turn key, handle like a sports car and beat sport cars around town. it was a basic...

    My Truck Through Its Stages

    The truck has been through many different set ups since I have bought it new and never made a thread about it so its about time here it is stock besides front tint after 7000k I got bored of it so I put a 3 BL on Added some 17x8 Weld Mountain Crusher rims with 285 BFG ATs, ford keys and 4...

    New sig please;-)

    Can someone make me a sig please, you can take my ugly mug out of the one with the quad in the back, lol. Please dont put FSC on it cause I will also have the sig on GMFS. Thanks in advance.

    My rides and a couple others.

    I havent posted my rides in here yet so I thought its about time too. Here is my truck and specs are in sig. Here is my car that has been sitting for a few years cause of my truck. lol I was in the middle of doing the body on it. Here is my motor, I had a Vortec YSI supercharger on...

    can someone please make me a sig?

    As the title says can someone make me a sig out of these pics please? Thanks

    Couple offroading pics

    Took my daughter out for a ride on the quad and on the way home decided to try out the new tires at a local wheeling spot. I still only have 2wd but I must say these Iroks blew me away in the mud, They cleaned out awsome even without wheelspin. I went in 2wd where guys with 35"s and 4wd get...