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    2004 rcsb silverado

    Up for sale os my 04 rcsb 5.3 auto truck. Longtube stainless headers corsa sport catback, transbuilder guy built 4l60e, circle D 3200 278mm converter. Has a low mileage rear end 3.73 gears. New steering box and pitman arm. HID lights in lows and fogs. SS gauge cluster. It is the truck in my...
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    98 grand cherokee make over

    I know its not a FSC but still none the less its a vehicle that I'm trying to make better. Plus there pretty tough very capable 4x4 units that can be had cheap. I started with a stock decently taken care of 98 grand Cherokee. It had 185K miles got it for $500 because the previous owner had...
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    5.3 Corsa in action

    Just a quick video of the exhaust in action.
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    2006 5.3, 2005 4l65E, 265 lowlift comp cam 212/218

    Engine and camshaft are sold. 2005 Silverado SS 4l65E all wheel drive or 4x4. Has 50K miles, fluid looked great. Comes with transgo hd2 kit, superior and vette servos, and hardened plate. This will make a super nice trans that will take some abuse. Asking $575 for everything or will seperate...
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    silverado 1/4 mile run

    Just a trip down 1320 feet as fast as it would go. Now I gotta find out how I lost 3 tenths and 4 mph since my last visit.
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    20" centerline archers $175

    I have 3 20" centerline archers. They will need to be rechromed or powdercoated. I called centerline and a 4th wheel can be gotten easily. $175 firm. Wheel looks worse in picture due to ice and road grime from riding in the back of the truck through a snowstorm for 400 miles. They are in good...
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    New sig please

    can somone help me with a new sig.
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    Painted valance NBS

    The other thread got me motivated to do this mod. Simply unclipped the valance, cleaned with solvent to remove wax and dirt. Roughed up a bit, and sprayed with krylon fusion satin black.
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    04 5.3 with corsa sport and longtubes

    Just a little video I shot of the exhaust doing its thing. If anyone knows how to embed the youtube player please let me know how to.
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    04 silverado work truck with new wheels

    Finally put a set of wheels on the old boy. Kept it pretty low key, as this thing is always on the road and in some pretty harsh conditions. Still looks way better than the stockers. Wheels are procomp 1079, 16x8.
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    HIDS are in....WITH PICS

    Just got them installed a few minutes ago. Might have to work on the aiming some, because it seems like they don't reach out as far as the ultras I had. But must say the color difference is well worth the cost. I didn't notice how yellow looking the old lights were. Hids are 6K kit from hidgate.
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    Pioneer DEH-4900IB cd player

    Bought this last summer, used it in my car for 3 months then removed it. It literally has very few hours on it. Comes with remote and operation manual. Has 3 rca outputs, 2 mini aux inputs. Would like to get $125 for the headunit. It also has a remaining 4 year warranty at bestbuy.
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    Would like a sig please

    It will be much appreciated. Hope these pics will work, there all I have at the moment. Would like to have both vehicles in it if at all possible.
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    2004 rcsb z-71 with mods

    here is my truck after the debadge, lost the pic somehow of the bowtie. It is colormatched. Cleaned it up and waxed it with nxt wax.