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    2001 Silvy Z71 ECSB **SOLD 5/25**

    I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 ECSB for sale. My commute is too long to work and back, so I HAVE to get rid of her :whyme: It has 104k miles on her. She is in excellent condition. I am asking $10,200 OBO. I need to sell fast!!! PM me or reply forum. THANKS!!!!
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    sig please!!

    Can you please make a sig for me? Can you try to incorporate all of those pics? I love my truck and my Polish heritage!! Thanks! PS. if you could put my screen name and maybe a FSC logo...that would be great too...but do what you can, I appreciate anything you can do. Thanks!! SORRY FOR THE...
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    WTB: Tires

    I need some new tires... I am looking for A/T or M/T's Sizes: 265/75/16 or 285/75/16 I have a 2001 Silvy Z71 ECSB...if that helps.
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    WTB: Tires!!

    I am in the need of some tires. Preferably used! Sizes that I am looking for: 265/75/16 or 285/75/16 I want either M/T or A/T tires. Can anyone help me out?? Thanks, Lewy :fsc:
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    I am looking for some 285/75/16's!! Something good on the pavement as well as off, since my truck is my DD. I have a 2001 ECSB Z71 if that helps! Thanks everyone! Lewy :head:
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    Wanted: 285/75/16 tires

    Does anyone have some 285's for sale...preferrably used, but I will consider new. Need to see pics! Please let me know. Thanks, everyone! :FSCrules:
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    crossbow wanted

    Anyone have a crossbow for sale? I just started to get into the great sport of deer hunting but I need a crossbow...I would love to spend under 100 bucks, but I want to know about any crossbow for sale! Thanks Fellas Lewy
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    Want tires...285's

    I am looking for a set of new or fairly new tires...285's.
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    ATV or Dirt Bike

    I would like to find a nice ATV...or dirt bike that runs well and is cheap. Preferable under a grand...anyone have or know of one I can check out?
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    Beater truck for trail rig...

    I want a FSC 4x4 trail doesnt have to be nice, just has to run well. I dont want to spend more than a grand, less than a grand would be perfect...let me know if anyone has anything like this. Thanks.