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    Iron Bull bumpers for OBS's

    I found these on another site. If this happens to be your Truck, and you don't want them posted let me know and I'll remove them. Jay
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    Post up your Burnouts Video's!

    It's not a FSC but it has a 406 Stroker. The quality isn't good but I'll get a better one. Actually I will be adding all of the rides doing burnouts as I get them. Jay
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    Please PS Drag wheels to the rear,

    Could you put the same type wheel (thats on the front)on the rear. I know it's not a Chevy, but it has a GMPP 383 Stroker in it AND a bowtie on the grill.
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    '98 ECSB 2-4 or 4-6 drop

    I know it's a grandpa style. If you want to get rid of the top thats fine, but I would like to see one with the top on. It sits only 1.5" higher in the rear.This is a DD and I put WAY too many miles to go lower than 4-6 on Atlanta streets. Thanks in advance guys. I have no skills in the PS dept. Jay