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    Subscribed Thread E-Mail Problem

    I get notifications from FSC that someone has replied but the emails are sending me updates that are over 30 days old. For example, today I get an email saying someone replied to my thread and it was a reply from 9/11/2014. There have been other replies since then, I replied saying the issue...
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    Wanted: TBI ring w/ crankcase vent tube

    Mine is plugged up bad with gunk. New engine in truck now and need to be able to vent the drivers side valve cover into the throttle body. Anyone have a the TBI ring with the tube that comes out of the back and connects to the little plastic tube from the valve cover. Not sure actual name...
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    WTB TBI ring with crankcase tube

    wrong forum, sorry.
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    A new Chevy Truck has been created in the garage!

    Scott Long has created a new vehicle in the garage. Go check out their 1991 GMC Sierra SLE!
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    Trade Stepside Bed for Fleetside bed

    I have a rust free dark gray 91 GMC stepside. I really didn't want a stepside bed but I got a great deal on the truck and it's got 0 rust. No holes, no bed damage, etc.. The tailgate handle is missing the black trim insert but functions 100%. I would like to trade for a rust free fleetside...
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    I just picked up a rust free 1991 GMC 1500 stepside. 4.3L V6, 205 million miles haha, slate gray w/ gray bucket interior, has the tach dash, a/c works. Needs tires and I just noticed when I start it that it blows white smoke at first. I think this may need intake manifold gaskets replaced...