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    Question regarding Xcab/short bed

    Alright guys, I'm gonna be helping my buddy drop his 96 extended cab short bed. He's going to be doing a 4/6, More performance oriented, so handling is a must. He's gonna be running 17's, what Backspacing, and size tire is recommended to tuck, and have very little sidewall flex Pictures of said...
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    What 2" lowering coils would you consider the sportiest, as in handling wise

    What brand would you guys recomend, that don't ride ridiculously stiff, and handle really well. I have a used set on mine, and they ride like complete ****,(Don't even know the brand) Some input would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    tahoetweaker's 99' 2dr hoe build.

    I have no pictures of installing anything, as of right now, but I'll list somethings that I have done. HID's 8k 55w. Clear Headlights, corners, and parking lamps. Had 20" eagle alloys on it when I got it. Bought some yokohoma AVID SUV's Dropped the front with 2" DJM drop spindles. Already had 2"...
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    He's a great local oklahoman to deal with Wouldnt hesitate to work with him over the internet either. Treat him good, he'll treat you even better back. Don't hesitate to buy/sale with him.
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    PS request?

    Want to see my truck with a 3/5 (in this picture all it's at is a 0/2), and new paint, and debadged. darker tint on all windows, except windshield obviously. Gloss black on lower, from top body line down. and Red on the upper portion, with some kind of fancy white pinstriping. So if someone...
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    oklahoma- grey interior ash tray 99 hoe

    Looking for a gray ash tray, mines missing and preferably one that isnt beaten up.
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    oklahoma, inside hood latch.

    Mine broke, and I know it's a common thing, 4 of my friends are broke as well. the entire assembly would be great -_-
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    Kind of late to the intro, but yeah

    1999 2dr 2wd LS Tahoe Completely stock 5.7l vortec. 2" shackles. 8k HID's, soon to slap some projectors on with them. Putting on clear corners tomorrow. Removed roof racks. getting billet caps here in a month or so. etc etc etc Names Dillon. edit:* Sorry, didnt think to post pics -_-