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    A Few Of My Projects Inside.

    1992 ex-cab s-10
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    Coys C-57. Anyone Running Them?

    just wondering if anyone here is running coys c-57 on a obs. if you are please post up some pics. im wanting to get rid of my boyd coddington timeless 5's.
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    skw2010 shockwaves for 06 chevy

    wondering if anyone knew of a good deal on some shockwaves. good deal on some used ones would be great. part number skw2010 for an 06 chevy silverado.
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    frame differences?

    what year truck frames will interchange with each other? i am guessing that 73-87 is the same right? what all years will interchange with a 1977?
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    New Paint (finally Got My Truck Back)

    here are some pics after i finally got my truck back out of the paint not totally done with this though i still have no interior in the truck just drivers seat. i also have a bunch of little stuff to do to the outside and to the bed.but you can get the basic idea of what it will look like.
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    signature question

    i know this may be a really stupid question to some people but i would like to know what exactly what the sig is and how do i get or make one
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    new paintjob

    just got my truck painted wanted to see what everyone thinks about the color scheme.
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    getting new paint-need ps work please

    wondering if someone could possibly make something like this for my truck in silver ghost flames i would like to see this look on the truck. and if anyone has something different please dont be shy i need all of the help decideing that i can get. if anyone can help me i would appreciate it a lot.
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    Need Some Flames!!!

    wondering if someone could add some cool silver flames to my going to have the truck repainted and i need to see what flames look like on the truck. i would like to have the flames start at the front and stop somewhere around the rear wheel also i would like to see more flames at the...
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    boyds wheel pics on trucks

    can yall get some pics to me here. i would like to see different boyds wheels on obs trucks
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    can i get an appraisal

    What would my old lowering stuff be worth? I want to sell it all:I have western chassis 2" springs (no spindles),6" flip kit/c-notch with air lift helper bags,4 doetsch tech shocks,and firestone load controller 2,all bolts and accessories. Also separately what would you think some 6 month old...