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    FS: 88-98 OBS Stock Hood (black)

    Here's my stock hood for sale.. its got nice black Glasurit paint. it was polished after taking it off, so its nice and shiney. has 1 small ding in it but its not that noticable.. also has the insulation pad underneath asking 200 obo
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    20x8.5" KMC Rockstars with lowpros

    Hey guys as some of u may know, im selling my truck. im not selling the truck with the rockstars though, so they are up for grabs.. 20x8.5 with 5.14" b.s. with 275/40/20 hankook tires... both wheels and tires are in great shape because i dont drive the truck that much and theyre only on in...
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    90 Supercharged 454SS price drop!!

    ok guys ive reduced my price from $12500 firm to $11000 obo sooo lets go, get that cash together and make ur offer.. i appreciate all ur guys love for the truck and all the compliments about it just please dont whine about me selling the truck, cause thats how my last thread got closed. if ur...
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    Buy My Truck! Send PM if you have intrest.

    i know many of u are gonna try and talk me out of selling it but put all that effort into trying to buy it :D my price is pretty firm $12500 but i will drop the price if i sell w/o the rockstars. the only trades i will entertain is a C5 corvette...
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    Vince Raps!!!

    "Rap Chop" ENJOY! i know i did
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    1/4 Mile Times and Videos at Englishtown, Raceway Park

    OK guys i finally raced the truck and got some times.. it was a last minute thing so the truck was not in race mode lol. First run R/T - .713 (my first time ever, dont laugh) 60' - 2.117 330 - 5.929 1/8 - 9.097 1000 - 11.825 MPH - 77.63 1/4 - 14.135 MPH - 95.53 edelbrock headers...
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    Tatoodkelt, This One's For You!! Pix

    I had the pleasure of having this in my garage today because the trunk lock stopped working and the guy needed me to fix it.. restored isnt even the word for this car. the guy didnt overlook any detail, down to every hose, nut, bolt, tag, and even the different colored paint inspectors dabbed on...
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    Road Trip! Florida to Jersey! with Pix!

    Sooo Saturday April 25 at 8:10am me and my girlfriend flew out of JFK airport in NY and landed aprox. 11:15am in Sarasota, FL. We had a car waiting for us(my Aunts friend) outside and took us to our soul purpose for being there... a 96 Pontiac Sunfire 5sp with 70k miles!! Original story click...
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    Few of my boy's GM Trucks.. PIX!!

    :lol: well here are a few pix of my boys GM trucks.. Up first is his 2002 Chevy Trailblazer with a sonic the hedgehog theme.. I think he went alittle over board with daddys money, but he actually has a ton of trophies from big car shows... :D he loves chrome :puke:
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    Photo Shoot!!! 3/13/09

    Just a few raw teasers for now... ill have edited ones later or tomorrow :cool: hope u likey!! :D EDIT: More pix in post #65
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    SC454SS' New Cowl Hood PIX!!

    Well i got the truck back from the bodyshop after getting the hood painted and installed, and my front plate holes shaved and bumper reworked/repainted... sorry about the pix but the gf's camera sucks and so does the lighting in the garage.. im going to get some out door profesional pix taken...
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    Miracle on the Hudson Plane in the Street! Pix Inside!!

    I finally got a hold of the pictures of Flight 1549 getting hauled through the streets of my town.. CRAAAAZY!!!!
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    Just a sneak peek!

    First a big thanks to Drew(F4MOU$) and Stylintrucks... the truck went off to the body shop tonight.. soo all must wait in suspense for the finished product hehe :rocking:
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    Killed and Armada =)

    EDIT: Killed An Armada =) I just got finished picking up my Grande Caramel Frap at starbucks and remote started my truck from inside.. when i came out a buddy of mine was out there busting my chops, "Yo ur trucks to loud i cant enjoy my coffee lol" so of course i got in and let him hear it. He...
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    TRADE?? KMC Rockstars 20x8.5 with or w/o Tires

    Im looking to trade two of my 20s in almost pefect condition for two 18s. i screwed up when i bought them and should have gotten two 18s for the front.. if anybody in the area has 18s that want to upgrade the backs to 20s for nothing hit me up. if not maybe someone can shoot me an offer on just...
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    Tinted Tails & Corners!! Few New Pix!!

    Well I went to and bought a 24"x30" piece of dark smoke headlight and taillight tinting film and tinted my stock tails and corner lenses... lemmie remind you that my tails already had a few coats of "VHT Night Shade" on them so they are suuuuper dark, i love it. Ill probably ride...
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    Immediate Family Members Cars

    Lets see all the rides that fill up ur driveway/garage/street/yard that belong to you and your family members. I know there was one other thread like this a long time ago that i could find but it had a lot of lists rather than pictures and hey lets face it, if ur the look at playboy to read the...
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    KMC Rockstars on a dropped 454 SS? photoshop maybe?

    does anyone have any input on putting black 20" KMC Rockstars on a dropped 90 454 SS? im thinking of going with a tires size of 275/45/20... im having a hard time picturing the wheels on the truck because i havent seen these wheels with a low profile yet, and i dont have photoshop on my computer...