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    Jim -- Tapatalk

    Jim could you look into and sign our forum up. It's free to sign up. I use this app to read other forums from my smartphone and it works very well. The users of the app have to pay a couple bucks for it, but it is worth it to be able to read the threads without going to the full...
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    Free Tahoe Subwoofer Box

    I need the room. Custom MDF box that will hold 6- 12" subs. the paint has flaked in a couple spots, but the box itself is in great shape.. If you live Near Philadelphia and want it, Come get it.... Will fit 95-99 OBS Tahoe/Yukon FREE FREE FREE
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    Jim, What do you think about using Forum Runner? A couple people who have it say it works well with forums. it makes forum browsing faster with the smartphone...
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    Img Limits.

    Jim, I am writing a tutorial and it has 62 images. The forum restrictions wont allow me to post more than 20.. The images are hosted on my server. what is the best way to write this tutorial??????
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    I didnt like the kids attitude and he was mouthing off so I gave him a permanent time out. He brought nothing positive to his own thread. This thread was the reason.
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    Login issues

    I noticed when I was at work and I wasnt logged on, there was no where to log in at.. the login area was gone. I wound up clicking on someones name who was online and the forum said I need to login to view. then I could log in.
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    Tailgate cover

    For those who couldn't make Carlisle All Truck Nationals, here is what I did with my fiberglass tailgate cover.. 1/2" MDF cut to approximate size Marks for trimming panel trimmed and edges rounded over with router. 3/4" strips added for a mounting edge another photo of edges mounted and...
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    anyone else get contacted by this guy?

    Apparently he got scammed.. OR, by email: This is the message: can I call u TRIb,i kid u. i'm asking u to use all of your weapons in your arsenal;contacts'moles spies,girlscouts,exwifes,if u do not have one,take mine, please, take it somewhere.dig up some...
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    PM from boarsheadburban

    someone want to look into this??? His PM FYI Hey, Last night, a few strange things happened while I was on the site, don't know if they are related. A few of my posts were monitored/deleted. I was not bashing anyone or thier vehicle, just kind of strange. I gained access(and still have) to...
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    Glassin the Gate!

    Glassin the gate has begun.. here's some photos of my slow progress.. 1/2" MDF cut to approximate size Marks for trimming panel trimmed and edges rounded over with router. 3/4" strips added for a mounting edge another photo of edges mounted and tape underneath aluminum foil added to...
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    Has this been approved or did I miss the bus on this one? I haven't been around much lately so I wasn't sure..
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    PM from member needing assistance

    I received this PM from member whiteFiveThree Quote ever since i became a 'supporting member' i haven't been able to post. I click on the 'post' button, then it tells me... "Thank you for posting! You will now be taken to your post. If the administrator has selected to moderate all posts in...
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    PM from Rebel

    He just gave me a heads up on a username. Matty, wanna rename him?
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    Admin help

    Can anyone help this guy? (escalaradoon22s) hey dude, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to change my name SN from escalaradoon22s to Escalarado if you are unable to do it could you please forward it to the correct person so that it can happen Thanks alot! Matt
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    PM from username Henry

    Someone want to take care of this since I dont know what threads he's talking about... His Pm to me: Hey, Henry here how are u? Hey man maybe you can help me. I dont post much anymore like i use to, but the last couple times ive posted something it has either been deleted or moved. By who i...
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    banned permanently for being a nuisance and making perverted posts.
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    Shackle bolt OBS

    I need a shackle/hanger bolt for an OBS truck. I have to cut my old one off to get the shackle out. The bolt is seized to the collar and the collar is turning inside the rubber bushing. Anyone have one they'd like to get rid of?
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    This Moron on Cardomain is using my truck in his profile.. LOL
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    My new to me daily driver..

    Well, Here it is. I finally picked up the truck I've been looking at. It's a 97 shortbed sportside Z-71 with 108000 miles on it. I've known this truck since it was new and it has been taken care of up until the last owner. He whooped the interior with mud and stains. The leather seats are a...
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    Pics wanted.. Black wheels

    I'm looking for photos of black wheels. Any make any size. I'd just like to see them on a FSC/FSG Thanks