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  1. J

    My 88 **SOLD**

    I have my truck up sale not by choice but for necessity. Wife is having a rare back/spinal surgery and will be off for a minimum of three months rehabbing. PM me if you have any questions or text or call my cell 443-677-9499 Jeff
  2. J

    454ss wheels and tires with new centercaps and lug covers

    $450 obo located in my shop in Maryland. 235/75/15's two tires are new and the other probably has more than half it's tread life left
  3. J

    OOBS 5 lug truck rallys 15x8

    I picked up another set of 454ss/Sport wheels and don't see myself using these anytime soon. I have two sets, the ones painted blue by the PO has black centercaps and beauty rings that are also painted black. I was going to strip the paint off of the beauty rings and repaint the wheels. $200 for...
  4. J

    Rear drop parts plus some misc. things I have laying around the shop

    All parts have less than 2500 miles on them and include all of the hardware with the exception of two bolts that I had to cut off because the nuts stripped out when I tried removing them. Prices are obo and do not include shipping, so please include a zip code if you need and quote...
  5. J

    5 lug 14 bolt sf from a 1990 454ss

    I put her back together yesterday with the repair bearings, new pinion seal and a rear diff gasket and 3 quarts of synthetic gear oil. I decided to put her up for sale and use the $$$ on air ride parts I am gathering. I spent $300 for the rear and another $325 on bearings, seals, gasket...
  6. J

    Hellwig front sway bar for obs

    Selling my Hellwig front sway bar for OBS trucks with a 4 inch drop up front. P/N 7801 1-5/16 diameter, includes new end links. Asking $160.00 send me a pm if interested.
  7. J

    Took a few of the truck this afternoon

    I need to adjust my headlight in these next few pics!
  8. J

    Hellwig Front Sway bar for OBS with 4 inch drop

    Up for sale is my Helwig Front Sway bar, I've decided to look at a larger diameter sway bar. This model number is 7801 and is for a 4 inch drop, it is 1 5/16" in diameter. It comes with new endlinks and all the hardware needed to install. Asking $160 plus shipping. PM me if interested.
  9. J

    17 inch Boyd Coddington Timeless 2's staggered

    Up for sale is a set of staggered 17 inch Boyd Coddington Timeless 2's specs as follows: SOLD Fronts 17x8.5 245/45ZR17 BFG G Force tires 4.80 in. BS Rears 17x10 255/45ZR17 BFG G Force tires 6 in. BS Please note these wheels will need to be redone or you could repaint them and roll with them...
  10. J

    454ss wheels with new tires!

    SOLD:cool:Selling my 454ss wheels, they have new BFG T/A Radials with about 300 miles on them. New centercaps and lugs covers as well. Tire size is 255/60/15 and are balanced and ready to go. Paid about $700 for the tires with mounting and balancing, $300 for the wheels and $50 for the...
  11. J

    GM Steering wheel

    This is a steering wheel out of a Cavalier, same splines as our trucks. I had it in there for a little while until I found a Grant wheel. $25.00 plus shipping
  12. J

    OBS DEPO Crystal clear parking lights

    DEPO lights I had bought from didn't know they had the sprial look when the parking lights were on. $35.00 plus shipping
  13. J

    454ss or Sport Wheels in Maryland

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have an extra set of these with a matching set of tires, Uniroyal Tiger Paws 235/75/15 with about a year or two left on them. I have the centercaps and lugs covers as well. I quickly polished them for the picture but could use some more chrome polish. Asking $400 for the set...
  14. J

    Would someone update my sig?

    It's finally done for the most part. When someone gets to this can they put the FSC logo on my tag. Thanks, My favorite one!
  15. J

    Took a couple pics this afternoon...

    ...with my old Cannon Power Shot A620. This camera is probably going on 8 or 9 years and still takes some pretty good pics. My favorite one!
  16. J

    OBS Black hood freshly painted!

    Looking for $200 for my freshly painted hood, just transfer your hood latch and spring and bolt her on.
  17. J

    Sig update since she is tagged now

    Here's the latest pics after I tagged it a few weeks ago.
  18. J

    GM bedliner and Husky toolbox

    Picked up a snugtop tonneau so I don't need these anymore, $100 for the toolbox and $80 for the bedliner. Fits obs shortbed fleetsides 88-98. Here's what it looked like sitting in my truck.
  19. J

    Tagged and on the road!

    Well after almost 2 years of working on my truck I finally tagged it last week. And the money shot! It's still a work in progress but happy with the results so far!
  20. J

    Single stripe!

    I need some help guys, I am trying to decide what color to break up my two tone paint job. I bought a roll of multi-color Prostripe and it didn't stand out like I wanted. Could you guys PS a Metallic Blue, Red and Charcoal colored stripe? I just picked up a roll of Metallic Blue but want to get...