1994 c1500 stepside build!

Mar 16, 2016
Houston tx
Hello everyone I'm Matt and this is my 94 c1500 350tbi build. I got the truck from my brother in law as a swap for another vehicle I had. I immediately fell in love with it . The shape of the bed and the front are just so sexy!

Anyway the truck had a major tune up, spark plugs, wires, cap, belt, starter, oil, filters etc.

Major upgrades: rebuild and beefed up 4l60e with corvette servo, added 3-4 clutches new bands, new beast sunshell, solenoid sneeze pump etc the whole 9 yards.

Also installed Hedman hedders 4-1 with 3 inch collector and custom headers back 2.5 inch exhaust true dual with jones exhaust full boar racing mufflers dumped at the axle. Absolutely love it!
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