1999 GMC Suburban 2x4 part out stakin em deep and sellin em cheap!

Mar 8, 2008
Livingston, TX
Hey guys, I purchased this 99 burb for the engine/trans as I'm doing an L31 swap on my 94 Jimmy. I have a BUNCH of misc parts available. Shes a roller and all I've sold is the dash/tail lights/receiver hitch/hvac controls. If you have a part in mind pm me and I'll give you a price. I can ship basically anything (just shipped a rear diff to cali off of an s10 today)

I'm asking 50 bucks a door complete, (shes barn doors)
200 for the diff (leaky rear left wheel cylinder) GU6 3.42 ratio with a G80 locker that I confirmed works. (had to test drive her before I pulled the power train)
150 for the all 4 wheels/tires
50 for the core support
abs unit is pending sale
2nd airbag 25 bucks
50 for the 3rd row seat
steering wheel airbag looks like crap $10 bucks
powersteering pump/gearbox (the electronic speed control valve is installed and worked great) You can turn the wheels with your pinkeye lock to lock, it's awesome. 150
Man I wish that steering wheel was in better shape. It's the only real wood in the entire car. After typing that I'm having doubts.

ALL prices are OBO and I'm open to trades. I have about 2 months and then she hits the scales.