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Everyone runs the chrome caps. I have a set of chrome caps if I ever change my mind, but I really like the black. My buddy that mounted and balanced my tires for me today has some Sport wheels with the chrome caps on his truck. I think seeing mine has made him seriously consider black caps.
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Mine weren't exactly clean when I got them. I cleaned them up and gave them a nice, fresh coat of black paint. While I was at it, I also painted the plastic pieces on the d-pillars too. They were in pretty bad shape. The problem is that with the fresh black centers, it shows me how not-black the lug covers are now. I guess I need to put a coat of black on them too.
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As I keep looking at it. I vote Debagde or black out molding.
I'm still planning to black it out. I've been waiting for a nice day with no wind.

Its starting to look like the yukon.
I know. :lol: It's not by design or anything. We wanted a Suburban and Pewter just had to be the best one we found.

Also kind of has a nice under cover police look to it.
I noticed that too. :cool:
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Whatever happened to the Yuk?
Christina and I split in '07 and it went with her. She ended up trading it on a Saturn Ion. :idiot: The Yukon was paid for. All she had to do was pay fuel and insurance, but she just HAD to have something that got better mileage. Now she has to pay a car payment AND fuel and insurance. I warned her ahead of time that it was going to end up costing her more in a car payment than she was already paying just for fuel, but she didn't listen. Now it's, "Why didn't you tell me that?" Well, I did.

I kinda wish I'd gone for an OBS Tahoe/Yukon instead of a NBS
What is it about the NBS that you regret over the OBS?
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Oct 31, 2007
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takes a big man to admit what his regrets are.

we are here for you Cameron, you can feel at ease with your mistakes. we will not judge you or critisize you. atleast not here
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