20 year refresh of 2001 Z71

Jul 17, 2003
San Diego
I bought this truck on 9/10/01; yes, the day before 9/11. It was my daily driver for years, then a couple of my children used it for transportation. Always well maintained and never had many problems mechanically. The paint and body are a different story. I live in San Diego and the sun had baked the paint off the truck. No rust except for some surface rust on the roof where the paint had worn away. The body had a couple of small dents, but nothing major. I had been wanting to get it painted for years, but quotes in San Diego were crazy for a truck this old. I contemplated buying a new truck, but I really like this truck and didn’t see anything new I really wanted. I brought it down to Los Panchos in Tijuana to be painted. Great experience! The owner speaks English and we communicated through WhatsApp. Below are the before, during, and after. I couldn’t be happier with the results, not perfect, but nice. I even had them weld up the obsolete OnStar Antenna and paint the frame. The truck had LineX from new, but the Raptor coated the worn-out bed rails and painted the LineX to renew it. I bought some new rims for it, a Bak-Flip Bed cover, and lots of misc. trim pieces. Future plans call for a coil over front suspension conversion, billet grill, and a Katzkin leather kit. The cost of the paint job was $2430 after taxes, and I tipped the owner and workers another $400. It took 3 weeks to complete the work.


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