6 Liter vortec into 79 4wd


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Apr 18, 2016
Shreveport, La
I am putting a 6 liter 2009 vortec and 6L90 into a 1979 1/2 ton Chevy 4wd. Ive gotten the wiring harness and the adapters for the tranny and NP 205 transfer case ordered but can't find out much on shifters for the 6L90. No one has one so far. The wiring harness I'm getting also controls the shift points on the tranny but does anyone know who makes a shifter for the 6L90. Also can I get vacuum off the vortec to operate the power brakes on the old truck? Will the ac compressor on the vortec be compatible with the old trucks ac. Does the radiator off the old one have capability to cool the Vortec. I'm doing this because I bought the old truck new and the body is in great shape but running gear is tired and the 2009 low mileage truck was wrecked so I thought this would be a nice combo. I love the old truck because the NP 205 was probably the last transfer case you could put a PTO winch on and they are unstoppable. Any help would be appreciated.


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Nov 15, 2016
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Re: 6 Liter vortec into 79 4wd

Ok not an answer for you but a question of my own , I'm I'm in the planning stages of a similar project of my own. I'm putting an 03 5.3/4l60e into an 86 1500 that currently has a 305/700r4 both are 4wd. Will the t case from the 86 bolt up to the 4l60e without an adaptor ?