88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

Re: 88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

Finally got around to the tune up it's been needing.

Pulled the "Vortec" silencer box off, found this little gem unhooked. YAY vacuum leak!

Intake off

Injectors out.

At some point someone had been in here before. #7 injector clip was broken. Me being me, I dug around through the wiring toolbox and happened to have a proper connector that even had #7 on it. :lol: Quick unpin and swap the plug out.

Injectors out of the rail

Original Rochester injectors VS Bosch

New injectors in! Also did the fuel pressure regulator and fuel filter.

Ignition components... I think it was time for them to be replaced too.

It idles SO much smoother now and it seems to have a bit more get-up and go. BUT, it still has the hard warm start issue... I don't know what the deal is with that. The fuel pump is noisy, It's next on the list of replacement items. Maybe it's part of the issue?

And, a taste of what is to come....
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Re: 88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

Finally got a little time to make an adapter harness for the headlights and swap the grille over. It's different for sure. Not quite sure if i'll keep it or not...

I have a few other ideas too - I want to smoke the parking lights as well, add LEDs to the reflectors, and swap the headlights out for something better.

I still might go with the deluxe GMC grille though.
Jun 10, 2008
St. Charles, MI
Re: 88GMCtruck's 98 Silverado Towpig Build: "Black Fox"

Sure is one mean looking sum bish. I'm still up in the air about the W/T front clip though....

Looks great though!!! I've loved every one of your builds.