88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

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Figured it may be time for a status update.

The transmission in the 02 GMC failed (for those who didn't hear in my dually thread). I parked it in the shed awhile since I'm not in the mood to pull the transmission right now. That means the 88 came out and I've driven it around a little. Thinking forward, I'm fairly certain I'm going to be selling the 02, and putting a chunk of the money into the 88. I've been formulating a plan for some time now. So, here it goes, more or less in order.

Phase 1
- New custom front springs, 4" rear lift springs (ditch the blocks), new shocks all the way around.
- Remove the Detroit locker. This would go hand in hang with replacing the axle...
- Either rebuild the 14FF without the detroit, swap to a van 14FF (width to match the front), or swap back to a 14SF and 6-lug. In all cases, install a traction aid and disc brakes.
- The primary reason to swap BACK to 6-lug, is the 8-lug D44 front is about 3" wider overall and the tires stick out farther than I'd like. Alternative would be to run factory PY0 wheels with less offset.
- Pull body off the frame. Clean/Paint everything.
- Install 34 gallon fuel tank in place of 26 gallon.
- Revisit the exhaust. Install headers. Replace mufflers with slightly quieter Magnaflow or Borla. Current Magnaflows are too loud.
- Rebuild steering box, and all associated components.
- Rebuild transfercase.
- New motor & transmission mounts. Reinstall cab with new body mounts.
- New tires.

At this point, the truck could be re-assembled and would be again, useable. Depending on the status of space/time/money, it would be driven or I would skip right to Phase 2.
- Gut interior. Convert to Lt. Smoke or Neutral 97+ dash and all interior electronics.
- Convert engine to MPFI with a factory Vortec 454 intake & LS1 injectors. Convert to 411 PCM
- Replace/repair body panels. Passenger door needs replaced, as do both bedsides. Repair damaged cab corner.
- Paint.
Jul 27, 2009
Re: 88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

nice to hear the 88 is gonna be getting some lovin soon.

Always have loved the build and always inspires me to build mine
Jul 27, 2006
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Why don't you like the detroit? I put a grizzly (yukon's version of the detroit) in my YJ and it's much better on the street than I thought it would ever be. With a full size truck I wouldn't think you'd even know it was there aside for some clicking or popping.
Jul 27, 2006
Re: 88GMCtruck's never ending 88 GMC build thread

I understand why the average person wouldn't want a locker. I have one in a short wheelbase vehicle with a 5 speed. I was just curious why an experienced driver with a such a well built offroad truck would want to get rid of his locker.
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"I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack"

Ok, well I've never left. But time for a bit of an update. As many of you know based on this tread, I have been formulating a plan to re-build the truck for a long time. Some of you may have caught this in my dually's build, but part of my plan was me selling my 02 GMC a month or so back. I hardly used it, and it was basically holding me back in the time/space/money department from concentrating on the 88. It's sale though prompted this parts rig: 98 K2500 Suburban.

If you didn't read it in my dually thread, I picked this up "not running right" for $700. 285k on the clock and a fairly trashed interior, it was exactly what I wanted for parts - 97+, 454, 4L80E, 14FF (w/4.10s and a G80), Black body and grey interior. It's actually going to be parted into multiple vehicles (engine going to a friend, trans to another, driver's door and fender onto the dually) but many things will be used on the 88. The goal here is to swap the entire truck over to the 98 interior, wiring, MPFI and all engine accessories. I'm going to put a 0411 in it as well. Anyway, after tinkering with it some It ended up being a loose dist. cap, 3 unplugged plug wires and a bad MAF, so it actually runs fine.

Last night I also picked up a set of really, really good condition PY0 wheels for $100, i'm considering running them on the truck and keeping it 8-lug.

So, here I go as I start to actually rebuild the truck. Progress might be slower to start as I collect parts, and eventually tear the suburban up. Having a single 2-car garage is going to limit how long it can be apart, so this might happen in stages. But, here is the overall goal:

-Rebuild everything that needs it.....
-Convert engine to full vortec 454 injection, wiring, and accessories. Convert AC to Sanden and R134a. 0411 PCM swap.
-Convert interior to full 98 dash/doors/etc.
-Pull bed, cab, etc. New springs/shocks/engine mounts. Undercoat frame. Install 98 fuel tank and pump.
-Convert NV4500 top over to newer style.
-Decide between 6-lug or 8-lug. Swap rear axle with either 14SF or 14FF. Get rid of the CUCV axle because the 13" drums suck and the detroit locker does as well.
-Replace bedsides, both doors. Eventually repaint.

There you have it. I'm going to be bouncing ideas around and making a good game plan to accomplish this. The goal is to fix a bunch of issues and eventually make this into a more or less restored nice truck to drive around, and lightly offroad (where it wont get scratched to hell).

For record, as she ****s now, from one of my recent summer drive's with the truck.
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Man, you hop around with so many projects that it's hard to keep up!
:lol: well really I'm only concentrating on this more than everything else, but I still have more things lined out for the dually and the camper although they are smaller in scale than this truck. This will basically be a semi-resto type rebuild.


Welp, trying to get this project rolling, going to start out doing some of the things I can without tearing the truck down and rendering it unusable just yet. Particularly I don't want to rip the suburban apart till I can have the truck apart and ready, cause once I take things apart I have to store parts and it's a boat anchor to move.

Anyway, during all this, I was researching new tires, measuring offsets, looking into axle combinations between 6 and 8 lug... for the time being I settled on the PY0s and 8-lug. So I decided instead of tripping around the PY0s I would play around with them, did a bunch of measurements etc, and got out the stripper and have a little party.

Got the clearcoat off them and gave them a nice hand polish. Damn I love me some polished aluminum.

Now with the wheels ready to go, I figured new tires were a good idea, so I could pull the old wheels and tires off and craigslist them to re-coup some cash... Was doing my research and low and behold, they were on sale... Stay tuned!
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Got all 4 shined up last night.

Then spent some time with the tire spoons scooping these bad boys on the wheels. I decided to get the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro in 315/75R16. Read a decent amount and they seem to have good reviews.

New tires VS old tires. The Mickey Thompson MTZs served me well. I managed to get about 55k miles out of them. I probably would have ran them a second time but I've started growing fond of coopers after running the Discoverer ST Maxx on the dually.

And, yes, they are on the truck. It was 10PM when I finished, so you'll have to wait for daylight picts :lol:
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