90 454SS tubbed, coilovers and big brakes interest


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Aug 23, 2014
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Hi, new to the forum.

The truck is tubbed to fit 18.5 wide or so, but has leafs. Front is stock style but drop spindles and stiffer springs. It's more or less a 10-15 year old Pro Street style build. but without the raised or at least low ratio spring front end. It has a narrowed soft lockered 9.5" 14 bolt factory rearend changed to 4.11 from standard 3.73 on the 90s, only year with a Th400, to make up for the switch from 28 inch rear tires to 31x16.5x15.

I have been told the spindles on these are not conducive to running large rotors and calipers.

What I would like to do....

1. switch from Th400 to a 4L80 or TCI 6x. I like manual transmissions, but all things considered for this vehicle I think I will stay auto.

2. Go back to standard width rearend or close to it, probably a semi-float Dana 60 and keep the ratio pretty high, 3.54-4.10. If I want to run a wide wheel in back it will likely be a positive offset 15-17 inches wide 17-20 inch diameter vs. the negative offset 15 inch old school drag style. I want to be able to run more typical 8-12 inch wide wheels with standard offset as well. Should I aim for factory width or go even wider for wheels with more positive offset and if so, why?

3. 4 link or truck arms or similar with coilovers to get rid of leafs so I can better road race/pro tour this thing or eve consider some drag racing to keep with the trucks original build style.

4. Front end..tubular arms of some sort to be able to run a common spindle known for running large brakes whether factory older or newer or NASCAR style or whatnot... I think I'd like to keep the factory quick ratio recirc ball steering but will consider a rack. Setup needs to be robust enough for street and road race use....not just drag...probably coilovers so I can quickly change from road race style to drag style and vice versa.

I know folks make the rearend and rear suspension stuff I want.....my main concern is about the front.

Truck has a 500 hp BBC in it currently and will maintain that or more.... up through 800-1100 hp stuff, lower end of that probably NA, upper end....blown....

Any and all advice on manufactures and ideas is welcome.
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