91 K1500 Cluster, w/ tach, needle gauges 75 bucks shipped


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Jul 2, 2006
Hey guys,

My old cluster is for sale, needle gauges w/ tach for an 8 cylinder gasoline automatic (with OD) truck.

I moved the speedo needle because to reprogram the 91 clusters you need a part that is impossible to find (I tried). It's easy to re-move, just use a fork and pry up on the needle and press back when you're going however fast your gps says.

THat being said, the original speedo calibration for the truck was 3.73 ears with 265s, but that really doesn't matter because I moved the needle; just an fyi.

Just to be clear, this is for an 87-91 OBS K-series truck. NOT the OOBS 73-87 trucks.

All the gauges work, no bulbs are burned out, it has standard 194 bulbs in it (no led jazz). It's probably a nine out of ten on the scale, couple of scratches on the lens, nothing major.

75 bucks via paypal works.
I'm open to offers, I can't use it anymore

I'd post pics but I'm sure you know what these look like

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