96-4l60 to a 96-4l80 have questions


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Mar 23, 2016
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here the story...
I have a 96 sierra 1500 4x4 , after replacing the 4l60 with A G.M crate rebuild 4l60.
I swap the 305 for a fresher 350 from a 96- 2500 4x4 parts truck. that I bought with the whole power train.
took the truck on a hunting trip to have a trans line let go and take out the transmission (now slips wont go into 3rd gear).
the 1500 has been 50% rebuilt and the 2500 was total loss. the rear axe is gone.
my question are...

1- what if any issues will I ran into if I take the 4l60 out of my 1500 and swap in the 4l80 out of the 2500.
will the wire harness from the 1500 that plugs into the 4l60 plug into the 4l80? I do have the ecm from the 2500 to go with trans, if needed.

2- shift linkage will it work? or do I have to change something?

3- what t-case should use? and will have switch drive shaft or can I use the rebuilt one from the 1500?