96 John Deere 242 in Crouse NC

Jun 2, 2008
Behind you!!!
A for sale post - Honey Bear style.

So I had to have surgery. Problem is they wanted a copay that was more expensive than my house. Well not quite, but it was high. And after the surgery I will be flat on my back for a while, so no working to earn money. So something has to go.

Steph and I debated on whether we should sell the Gravley or the 242. The 242 lost(won?? not sure). We decided that If it ran and has no problems it was for sale. I bought the 242 with plans to keep it. I had never tried to start it because we bought it right before my back got so bad.

So I went out yesterday and poured a half a can of SeaFoam in the carb and the hosed carb cleaner in it till it ran out th the top. Then we let it sit over night.

Today we pulled the spark plug out and cranked it over. Ever see those movies where a sea creature attacks and leaves a slime trail. That is what came out.

So then we cranked and cranked and cranked and nothing happened.

Out came the spark tester. No sparks.

Off to the tractor pile to the 8hp Kawasaki I traded for. I yanked the coil and installed it on the 242. No joy. No spark.

Back to the 8hp and snagged the regulator.

Installed it and hooked up the spark tester and it sparkededed. Woohoo.

I tossed the spark tester on the seat and turned the key. And nothing. I cranked and cranked. Poured a bit of gas in the carb. Scratched my head. thought about how good a cup of coffee would taste, but it was 4000000000000000 degrees with 80000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% humidity.

Then I thought I might not have got the regulator hooked up all the way. I walked around and checked it. It was hooked up. Then something hit me in the hand. The plug wire. Stupid me didn't hook it up. So I did.

Then I turned the key. An behold a white cloud of smoke. So thick that I could barely see to get away from it. Heath ran in the house. Gunner crawled under a truck. Carmel just opened one eye an looked then went back to sleep. Steph looked like she was going to cry.

Steph said, "Well the engine is no good."
I said one word, "Seafoam."
She nodded. Relief transformed her face as she put her faith in me knowing what I was doing ( eh she is young and doesn't know any better).

And so it sat and smoked. Mosquito packed their bags and headed to more hospitable territory.

Then slowly the smoke dissipated. From the white plume a green colossus appeared. A steady humm emitted from the exhaust. The wind carried the fog away and the sturdy machine emerged victorious. Sitting on the tractor stand like Michelangelo's David - only green and not a person - and not nekkid.

Steph went to the left side and pushed in the clutch. I went to the right and depressed the brake.

I released the parking brake.

I put it in 1st gear.

We both released the pedals.

And it was alive. It drove - no strutted down the ramps to the grass below.

I boarded the machine.

Its green and yellow surrounded me.

Again I pushed the brake and clutch and engaged 2nd gear.

She willingly, longingly, lovely, and greedily moved forward.

I pulled the yellow button on the dash. I swear I saw her smile.

She began to stretch her legs and do what she was made to do. She devoured the grass.

Short, tall - It didn't matter. This was her life. She mowed.

Reluctantly i surrendered the controls to Steph. My back is in no shape to bounce around the yard.

I lowered the blades as low as they go. And they went out. They conquered the grass. Blade by blade the green mass surrendered to her will. Until finally, it was all mowed down.

The green monster sat with an evil grin. Too long it had been on the side lines. Sitting on a stand. Looking at the grass below growing longer and longer, teasing her very soul with its presence, So close, but so far away from her blades.

And now she is alive. Healed. Ready to work. Ready to bend to her will the growth of your yard.

This machine wants - no it needs you.

It yearns for the touch of your grass beneath her blades.

Take her home and love her.

She will treat you right.

She is not the most beautiful gal. She has been used. Her hood is cracked, her fenders have massaged obstacles out of the way, but her soul is still there. She devoured 3 acres of grass that has not been mowed in 2 weeks and never once complained. She does need her blades sharpened, by back was not up to the task.

For $800 you will not find another minion of grass destruction that is her equal.


And on a serious note I will hold it for anyone who needs to arrange shipping. I think I have enough people on the forum who will tell you that I will not cheat you. Paypal is accepted. Cash is king.