Basic Toon Tutorial - You asked for it!

Re: Basic Toon Tutorial - You asked for it!

That looks really good for only your second attempt.
Filters are a hit and miss process, experiment with the different filters and settings. Usually for a basic toon like the one covered in this tutorial adjusting the brightness and contrast seems to work best for me.
Sometimes the cut out filter will work, duplicate the body layer and go to the filter gallery and play around with the settings on the cut out filter. After you apply the filter play with the layer blend mode and opacity to get different effects.
Jun 28, 2006
Wallingford, Connecticut
Re: Basic Toon Tutorial - You asked for it!

Heres my first and 2nd attempt. First one is a crappy quality pic of my stepside but i slacked off and didnt use the pen tool and it shows. 2nd is a pic of a similar tahoe to mine(dont have any good pics yet) but i did use the pen tool. Not great but im workin on it.