C1500 Full Protouring Chassis Build, Twin Turbo LS Swap

Nov 11, 2019
I got this truck 10 years ago from my Grandfather when he passed away. I documented me doing a partial restoration on it then.
The truck has been sitting for a couple years, so I decided it was time to dig back in. Go big or go home.

I plan on documenting the build on here as well as my YouTube channel "Loudandproud"
C1500 Build Episode #1

Truck Specs Currently:
1992 C1500 Work Truck RCLB
350 H.O. Crate
Vortec Heads
Comp Beehives
Threaded Rocker Studs
Valve Guide converted
Scorpion 1.6 Roller Rockers
LS7 Lifters
Comp Pushrods
Comp XR282HR Camshaft
Double Roller Timing Set
Edelbrock RPM AirGap
.015" Head Gasket
.030" Decked Heads
Long Tubes
750 Holley
Original 5 speed trans with updated Clutch.

The Plans:
Convert Truck to RCSB

Full 2x4” by 11 guage CNC bent rectangular tubing frame
1-5/8” .083” Chromoly Cage (NHRA 8.5 Sec spec)
Tied cage sections through the firewall and back glass that will stiff the truck up.
Front Suspension;
Wilwood Pro Series Spindles
Fox Body Manual Rack
Wilwood 15” Hat mounted Rotors, 6 piston front brakes
QA1 Coilovers
Splined, Through Chassis anti-roll bar with 5 location to vary stiffness
Adjustable chamber
Adjustable Upper Control Arm mount location (roll center)
Adjustable Toe
Adjustable AntiDive

Rear Suspension:
3 Link Design (doesn’t bind)
Ford 9” Center Section
Grand National (the racing league, not the Buick lol) full floater bearing ends.
QA1 coilovers
PanHard Bar design (shit tons of adjustability in the brackets, perks of being able to just draw it and cut it out)
Same antiroll bar as on the front.

Gen 4 Aluminum 5.3
Stock Crank
Summit Pro Forged Pistons
Summit Pro Forged Rods
Texas Speed as Cast Heads
½” ARP Headstuds
Edelbrock Hi Ram Aluminum Intake
Twin 73mm Chinese Choo Choo Bois, Tiawanese Tranny Twisters, Hong Kong Hurricanes, Hiroshama Hairdryer, Nagasaki Noisy Bois, Mongolian Motor Manglers, Teriyaki Tornadoes, Fukashima Ring Land Roasters or Wasabi Windmills. Haven’t decided yet.
Dual 44mm Wastegates

Holley Dominator with all the whistles


8L90E Auto with paddles.

The above is the wish list. I recently started actual work so check it out.


315/30/19 Fronts on a 19"x11 ZR1 Wheel
335/30/19 Rear on a 19"x11" ZR1 Wheel.


Roughed in CAD Design
20191013_170657 - Copy.jpg
This is the front crossmember design. Its .120" Plate, but pretty beefy for the application.

20191013_201120 - Copy.jpg

Right before I started this build, I made my own CNC Plasma cutter, so I plan on using it extensively for fabrication work.

20191013_203314 - Copy.jpg

20191015_212709 - Copy.jpg 20191015_212709 - Copy.jpg 20191015_220710 - Copy.jpg 20191030_090032.jpg 20191030_085347.jpg