Clifford, my CCLB 2002 2500HD


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Dec 6, 2016
Back in the spring, I bought a 1998 K2500 to replace my old tow rigs, a 2012 gasser and 2007 diesel Ram's. i used ot phaul vehicles, flip, and part them out, even owned a small car lot at one point. Now I only haul my own junk around, so I hoped to get out from under these trucks that were bigger than I needed, and out from under the payment on the 12.

So enter Pigpen, the 8600 GVRW 2500 I picked up for 800 bucks. I threw a cheap paintjob on it, had the transmission built, did a tune up, etc, and drove it around.

It was all sweet, until I hooked a Uhaul car hauler to it and towed my new RZR XP Turbo about. A 1500 lb trailer with a 1500 lb load on it, taxed the 350 more than I was comfortable with. It also wasn't very comfy for me over long distances at 6'5".

But, I clung to it, I love my Pigpen truck. I told my GF and her mom, I'd love to buy a newer, nicer truck, if only I could find one that wasn't rotted away and whooped to hell for under 7500 bucks.

Well, turns out her father's business had a couple trucks they were selling. A 2002 HD CCLB with 209,000, the 8.1L/Allison trans/4.10 gear combo, and a 2003 ECLB Duramax with 270k on it. The Duramax had been beat up more than a teenaged girls hoohah in the trailer park at the end of summer break, but the CC was pretty nice, having been repainted in 15 because a freezer rolled into it. So a little financial trickery, and I'm the new owner of a enormous gas sucking truck.

It's an LT, so it's fully loaded, leather, heated, etc. The thing tows like a dream, the Allison works great. It's honestly the best truck I've ever owned. It could use a tune up and some maintenance items, I'm having my 285's from my other truck swapped on this Friday, and we'll go from there.