Dash for 92 K1500 Silverado

Dec 26, 2010
Does anyone have a dash for my 92 Silverado. My son had totaled the passenger side maybe 6 years or so ago. Insurance totaled it, I bought it back for $700.00 and still got $3200.00 from them. I have an amazing body man who made the passenger side new. Luckily the frame was untouched. Floor pan had to be straightened by frame shop. Dash was damaged but not bad enough to worry about then. Now the few stress cracks it got are bad and some small pieces are falling out. If I could find a brand new one from LMC or some place I'd get it. The color is gray but I will take any one and paint it if need be. I have heard that a 91 has a stud or something or other on the back that needs to be modified to fit. Anyway, does anyone have one? Thanks.