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My 40D came with the 28-135 kit lens. The 28 just wasn't wide enough half the time, so I picked up the 18-55 out of necessity since the price was right. I agree that I've never liked it all that much, but it does the job.
Jan 29, 2005
Indianapolis, IN
Re: everyday lense

My main walkabout lens now is a Tamron 28-75 2.8. I know most people tend to shirk away when you read Tamron, but other than occasionally being a bit soft at 2.8, its a great upgrade from the 18-55. Granted, I've been shooting with my 10-22 a lot lately simply because of it being car show season, but I do love that Tamron.
Aug 20, 2001
Re: everyday lense

Received this morning, this thing is huge especially with the hood on it, really heavy built feels nice, makes my xsi look small though. Maybe time for a 7d haha. Wont have any picture testing for a couple weeks but overall the feel of it is really nice compared to kit lense, gonna be a lil heavy on a neck strap though.