FOR SALE rules!!!! (please read before posting)

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Here are the basic rules for posting in our FOR SALE forum:

1. All For Sale posts must be placed in the FOR SALE forum ONLY. Answering posts in the Wanted area in attempts to sell your items is strictly forbidden. Threads will be monitored. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST, ALL DUPLICATES WILL BE DELETED!!!!

2. You must be an established member of FSC to conduct a For Sale Post. This also applies to using your signature text to announce that you have items for sale. FSC will not allow people to just sign up for the sole intention of just selling items.

3. Please only post items which you are selling personally. Please do not post about a truck you found on another site which you are not selling. This also applies to items you are trying to help a friend sell. If the item is not yours, do not attempt to sell it on FSC.

4. Only single items will be allowed to be sold in FSC’s FOR SALE section, in other words, you cannot hold a GP in FOR SALE nor can you sell items pertaining to your business or shop without permission from the FSC administration first.

5. Prices must be listed. No "best offer" posts without a minimum price or post will be deleted. There is absolutely no bidding of For Sale Items allowed. Using personal e-mail or private messages to conduct bidding is unacceptable and unfair to other members who may be interested.

6. No Assclowning in the For Sale threads!!! Stay on the topic, if not posts will be deleted. If you have questions or concerns about the item(s) feel free to post.

7. Please do NOT SPAM your For Sale Thread in any other forums or attempt to raise your post count by post whoring just to meet the for sale rule, this will result in your posts being deleted.

8. The selling of all firearms, and/or explosives may not be listed here.

9. Selling rules above apply in the wanted forum also, you can NOT respond in a wanted thread offering any items for sale.

10. Selling of adult related material is forbidden. This includes anything you must be 18 years or older to legally purchase. Adult themed novelty products, such as sex toys are also not allowed.

11. Selling of any alcoholic beverage, rather it be wine, beer, or some other form of alcohol drink may not be sold here.

12. Selling of tobacco products is also not allowed.

13. Any product which would be considered 'bootleg' such as dvds, cds, ect. Is not allowed.
Not open for further replies.