FS: EFILIVE autocal from blackbear performance


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Mar 18, 2012
Boston MA
efi live from blackbear performance used for my old truck whichi no longer own anymore, missing the cable to connect to computer but can be found here for 9$ http://www.efilive.com/spare-parts you will also need to purchase an aditional licence for your truck which is 125$ i dont have software either all can be downloaded free online just contact the guys at blackbear,

looking for 300$ brand new with everything is 600$ so i think this price is fair i rarely come back on this fourm so texting or emailing would be best. towelly1991@gmail.com or 617-775-5081 feel free to message me offers as i no longer need this item and its gotta go

has no damage or scratches and is in mint condition