Hello everyone,,!!

Aug 9, 2019
New guy on the forum from Atlanta (well, Berlin) Georgia. I currently have 2 C1500s, both 1992 RCSB. One is my daily driver, it is bright blue, full air suspension built by myself, 2 link in the rear, compressed nitrogen,with 22" 2010 Camaro SS wheels in flat black. It lays frame in the rear, and lays on the exhaust crossover in the front. I am doing an LS2/4L80E swap very soon, so when I do that I will change the exhaust so it lays completely out in the front. Also in the process of doing a raised and smoothed sheetmetal bed floor. I have also begun to change the interior over to black with a suede headliner, dyed factory plastics, suede door panels, new carpet and changing seats soon. When it comes time for paint and bodywork, I am going to respray it flat blue, and respray the wheels in gloss black. Kind of going for a late model muscle feel with this truck, with modern drivetrain and english news capread driving feel. I also have a bodydropped truck done by Ekstensive Metalworks back in 2000, doing a full frame up build on it after I get to a certain point with the blue truck. I am a former member of Severed TIES, and I also used to work for ProLine Race Engines as a machinists/engine assembler, if you are not familiar with their work, Google them, they have built the fastest V8s on the planet. I do all of my own work including custom built motors, suspension work, sheetmetal/bodywork, interior, electrical, pretty much everything. I am really getting into the LS swaps and different aspects of the ECU tuning, including things like paddle shift setups, DBW setups, and LS ECU/ignition setups on the classic SBC and Vortec motors. If anyone has any questions, feel free to send me a message. I will start posting pics up as soon as I figure out how to. Any help on this would be appreciated.