Matraca - my 1965 Chevy C10 long bed step side

Matraca - my 1965 Chevrolet C10 long wheel base step side pickup

Most of the photos currently on the site are from 2003-2009. The majority are from 2006-2009, as I got my first point and shoot digital camera in early 2006. A digital camera is a very handy tool for working on old trucks! It allows you to take pics and ask questions about how to fix things or 'what is this part called, etc.?'

I have some more photos from 2009-current that I am sorting through, resizing and all around curating to decide where they go, etc..

This list is sort of chronological, as I went through the site looking for the highlights as I wrote it.

Current photos:

  • brake shots, inside the drums
  • stock type, reproduction battery hold down
  • long step side bed photos
  • jack mount under the bench seat
  • pics of the truck at various car shows
  • shots and details of the hubcaps
  • up close shots of the wheels, no hubcaps on 'em
  • reproduction, black original style brake lights
  • west coast jr. mirror and other related photos
  • 1965 vacuum brake booster with 1969 dual pot mc for drums photos
  • shots of the chrome bumper guards
  • more brake shots with the drums off
  • the '65 c10 side emblem
  • the under the bed spare tire setup
  • sunpro II in dash tachometer installation(with handy links included!)
  • front brake hose
  • brake pedal push rod
  • instrument cluster with gauges
  • tutorial on vent window spring adjustment (to keep the vent window snug when it's open)
  • more brake shots, ps steering box(I think it is a 67-72 style), shock mounts on coil spring truck, etc.

There ya go, in case ya'll are looking for a photo of one of those areas/parts/pieces!


---------the long story follows-----------

Howdy folks,

long before we could add photos and have build threads on some of the old truck forums, I had a basic website for my truck to share photos and details of my old '65 c10.

I recently switched ISP's, so I lost the old URL I was using and pondered whether or not to bother with building a new site or not.

I decided to tinker around with a blog and built the site above with my old photos and content, from the page about my truck.

Those of you that visited the old site will recognize the content and photos. I have added most, if not all of the photos I had on the former site now.

I have more photos to add, once I figure out what and how to present it... from 2009 to current... that will be added in the coming months.

Anyway, it's just a beat up old truck, but it's mine and I like it.

Check it out sometime.


Jun 9, 2015
Re: Matraca - my 1965 Chevy C10 long bed step side

Old trucks are fun!
Well, when they run…
… but ya gotta give ’em attention.
i agree. that's a good write up. thanks for sharing. by the way, nice looking truck you got there.