my on again off again project


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Jul 17, 2003
Tucson AZ
Re: my on again off again project

started to mess with the rear suspension

trying to have the truck on 4 wheels with no jack stands holding it up before the weekend of the 17th

I have hip pre-op in San Diego on the 20th, and then surgery on the 29th
so my goal for the truck is a rolling chassis before surgery
and then I wont be able to work on the truck till like Dec/Jan time frame
have to take it ez, its going to be hard to not work and Netflix it out for a few months

the springs are from a 78 caprice,
my dad is giving me a late 80's suburban fuel tank that's brand new, its a 40 gallon tank, the tank will fit behind the axle but im not sure if I want a 40gal tank,
may end up shorting the tank a hair, if I can get it down to a 30 gal tank that would be kool

the stock 78 caprice springs were cut a hair, half a link, stock springs are rated at 900lbs
the car stock was 4k lbs, with a 56/44 weight balance, that puts the rear at 1760lbs

30gals of fuel would weigh 180lbs, plus 40 or so pounds for a battery in the rear,
the stock bed is like 200-300 pounds with fenders on it
and plus the weight of the frame
that should put the rear of the truck somewhere being able to handle 1/2 ton weight in the bed

im setting up the coil springs like how I am because down the road, I may put air ride on the truck,
and not having to cut everything out would be nice
make it simple to convert to air ride but we will see how money flows for this project