New Toy

just got me a new toy to play around with, its a Canon rebel xs and i am still playing around with some of the settings. any of you have any good tips? also what would i need to set the settings to to get a few great moving shots? here are a few decent ones i took before the rain hit..

Jun 6, 2006
kelowna, bc, canada
Re: New Toy

great looking ride!!!

to get moving shots i think the easiest way is to use manual mode (M)

if you're doing it during the day, turn your iso down and your f-stop up. then adjust your exposure time - the longer the exposure the more blur you'll get (and the more light you'll let in which can lead to over-exposing)

i've never done vehicles, but when i've done moving shots of people i find better results if you're already tracking them with your camera when you take the pic