Official FSC December ROTM


Staff member
Jun 18, 2008
North Carolina
Topic: "show us your stinking badges" (name/logo/decal. a pic of the silverado/sierra letting on a truck. maybe the front or tailgate logo. maybe a logo on an aftermarket throttle body)

-Deadline: December 26

-Your picture must be taken between November 1 and December 26th, exif data must be available to support this.

-Post processing is not allowed (photo must be in original state and have how the camera sets the file to be)

-One entry per member. Members may change their entry (edit their post with the entry image) and submit a different picture, but may only enter one picture in total. If your going to make a mess of things and post up multiple pictures, please specify which one is your final entry.

-Picture must be of your FSC unless you dont have a fsc

-You must take the picture, it can be taken with any camera, but you must take it.

good luck