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Jun 18, 2008
North Carolina
2014 Silverado Z71 LTZ crew cab 4x4
Purchased june 6, 2016

- tint back seat windows and back window
- colour match (with plastidip) front and rear emblems, chrome bumper strips on doors, the front plastic part down by the license plate
- remove ‘z71’ and dealership decals
- new halogen bulbs in the headlights (the stock ones suck and are really yellow)
- rough country 7.5” suspension lift
- 35” bfg mudtires (scooped from my ’89)
- center console organizer (how is this not stock with this truck?)
- ‘blued’ out the cabin lights
- chevy floor mats (front only… for now)
- truxedo toneau cover

- interior lighting (blue LEDs)… footwells, storage ares
- plastidip the ‘z71’ emblem on the grill
- rear chevy floor mats
- amp research power steps
- cold air intake and exhaust
- mud flaps
- smoked LED 3rd brake light
- smoked LED tail lights
- possibly change to the high country grill, but will likely get a chrome overlay before that
- LED bar behind grill (wired to my high beams)
- Head lights… I’m not sure yet what I want to do. Part of me wants to get some cool aftermarket ones, but I really like the look of the stock ones. I’m currently leaning to going HID bulbs and then opening up the lights, replacing the orange corner makers with clears and adding halos)
- LED bulbs in the fog lights
That’s the list right now, but I’m sure it will change over time. The most difficult thing right now is I need to keep telling myself that it took about 17 years to get my ’89 to where I wanted it and the 2014 build will not happen overnight (even though I’d like it to! Ha! Ha!)

Oh – one more “mod” that’s happening sooner than later – need to get winter tires. Likely going with 35” general grabber at2 and then having them studded. They will be mounted on the 2014 stock rims