Official June ROTM Member highlight


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Jun 18, 2008
North Carolina
Congrats to chevychris!!!

Here is the info on his truck

1989 ck1500
current mods - sweet mother... what haven't i changed on that truck?!?! ha! most of the mods are are in my build thread which will be in my sig....

future mods.... since i've now got the 2014 there won't be much.... i would like to eventually get the 2014 its own shiny new rims and tires so i can put the 'old' rims/tires back on the '89 : ) and down the road i'd love to do a complete rebuild of the truck right down to the frame and redo all the wiring (it has a couple of gremlins... mostly grounding issues) - but that won't be for quite a while (like when my kids are old enough to help! ha!)

other info on the truck... hmmmmmmm....
i carried around a pic of a 1992 stepside thru university and when people would ask me why i told them that 'one day' i'd own a truck like that. in 1997 i bought my dream vehicle!
the reason for the '2500' emblems on the door trim is an inside joke with the editor of 8-lug truck magazine. the guy LOVES my truck and has put pics of it in the magazine twice. he'd love to do more but becuz it's only a 1500 and that magazine is primarily for 2500/3500s he doesn't

Congrats again