Old Blue


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Aug 16, 2016
Figured I'd start a thread to give me a little more motivation to work on Old Blue. He's a 99 LS1500 3 Door Ext Cab 5.3 ltr automatic that I scored from a GI stationed here in Maryland. It was a Arkansas titled truck he bought new and was used as his daily driver and pulling his boat & bike trailers. It has no signs of rust in the cab corners or rockers but does have 3-4 small areas of peeling clear coat which isn't too bad IMO. The truck is on it's 2nd engine and tranny with over 300K on it's clock and runs perfect with no check engine lights glowing but the tranny starts slipping after about 30 minutes of driving so he ordered a rebuilt then later decided he wanted a new truck and bought a new Chevy SS Pickup. He sold me the truck with the rebuilt trans still on a shipping pallet wrapped in plastic from the shipper for $850.00. The interior is in very good shape with the 03-newer stereo bucket swap, remote start w/ alarm and was prewired for an amp. So far I've replaced 2 actuators, fan blower, cabin filters, stereo, front & rear speakers and recharged the AC so all is complete and fully functional on the interior side of things. Next on the list is the remove the slipping trans and install the rebuilt unit with a new TC, trans cooler and some Dex VI Syn Fluid. I'm kinda back and 4th with thoughts of lowering the truck or just keeping her at stock height and holding out for a strip & repaint keeping her original. Either way, I'm still super stoked at finding this beater at such a good price.

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