Photo Resizing

I need some help resizing my photo file sizes please. Using windows paint to resize I got my photos below the 600X600 pixel size this site requires for profile photo album uploads but it won't allow uploads over 97.7 KBS.

I thought by reducing the pixel size it would allow the uploader to compress the file size. This is the first site I have had this many probs with uploading so I'm lost as to what I'm doing wrong.

I'll keep researching through google and on my own but if someone could help me speed up the learning process I would GREATLY apreciate it.

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Re: Photo Resizing

Thanks Again Rampage 2. It won't work with Vista so I found VSO and it group resizes also. 11 pics done and uploaded so far. :rocking:

Funny how it doesn't show thumbnails for the album cover or pics,but hey they're on here.

Wouldn't have found it if you hadn't pointed me in a direction. Thanks again.
Re: Photo Resizing

Thanks. I have all my pics on photobucket but never played around with it for file shrinking just size re duction which I can do on my puter. VSO worked for what I needed they're up loaded now into my profile. I think I will try doing more than just hosting with PB though thanks for the suggestion.:cool: