Photo tips - Good photo angles

Sep 12, 2006
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

I personally like rollin pictures... whether slow, or driving down the road.... here is the best of my truck in my opinion. Props to my mom haha

heres another cool shot with the black and white effect
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Jan 29, 2007
Adrian, MI
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

As a bit of a photographer myself, I love the resolution of my SLR Cameras, but being in College, I cannot afford a nice Digital SLR, so for digital pics, I use my mom's 3.2 mp Kodak, and I'm pretty impressed with the picture quality it gives me. Well, I'm going to buy a nice scanner pretty soon, something that will pic up every tiny detail from my SLR images, and hopefully I'll be able to get some of my favorite shots up soon . . .

Here are my tips:
1. Always vary your background. If you constantly post garage/driveway pics of your truck, you aren't going to ever be as impressed as you would if you would have taken your truck somewhere scenic.
2. Experiment with the various effects your camera has. Black and white photos look especially good on freshly detailed trucks/cars in any color of black, white, or shades of gray.
3. Pick a background that is compliments the color of the truck. I've always liked pics of trucks in large grassy fields, on deserted dirt roads, in the woods, and my personal favorite, on top of an empty parking structure.
4. Choose the lighting conditions that your camera picks up on the best. I my experience, most point & shoot digital cameras SUCK at taking night pics, so get out a little earlier in the day. Take some daylight shots, some early evening shots. I've seen some great looking morning shots too.
5. ALWAYS angle the front wheels so you can see them clearly in the picture. This is a great rule of thumb, and the only exceptions I can think of are if you are taking straight-on shots of the front or rear of the truck.

I'll post up some more tips later on, but I'm about to leave for class, so you'll have to wait. Oh yeah, PhotoShop is a GREAT tool for editing pics, you can usually add some cool effects that your camera doesn't have built in, and you can resize, cut, paste, anything is possible. I'll get some of my favorite pics up later.
Oct 15, 2006
Mesa, AZ
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

Here's a few pictures I've taken..Hopefully you don't mind if they're not trucks. lol

Maybe you can get an idea or two from these.

My Camaro:

The Bike:

Bike with my buddies T/A.

My old Firebird:

My Ex Gf's Supra:

Just a few of my favorites, I have tons and tons of pictures that I've taken of mine and my friends cars.
Jan 3, 2007
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

Most of the time, I don't take pics of my rides. I take pics of a cool background, and my ride just haens to be in the pic. Here are some examples of that...

Also, Pic something cool on your ride, and make an emphasis on it.

Also, Pics of half of your ride, front or back are acceptable Refer to a few of those up there, and also this one...

I get many of my ideas/style from this guy. Here is a thread with some examples. You can click his name, and see his threads, and many of them ahve some nice pics. Also, Adding borders maes your pics classy, which i have not done to all of mine yet.
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Aug 26, 2007
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

There are a few things I take into consideration when snapping a photo.

The first, is to mind the rule of thirds. I don't like to typically make the subject take up the exact center of the photo. Sometimes it looks ok, but usually the photo will look better if it isn't centered exactly on the subject.

Also, I like to have a lot of foreground to show perspective. The more, the better. That means I like to get as far away from the subject as possible that still allows me to get the details I'm looking for.

You'll have to excuse the Ford, but here are a few pics I took last week of my truck and a few friends' trucks. (These are all low-res versions):

Jul 23, 2007
Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

i like this one

i think this is my favorite pic of all. the white truck has a 4/6 drop on it now and i'm bagged now so we need to go get this same pic but with the trucks in their current state. the white one is getting some new wheels this week so thats a plus too.

Nick Z71

Re: Photo tips - Good photo angles

slmdLS1 said:
thanks but i simply do it whenever im bored...i just post em b/c some are different locations and such and may spark someones idea here...doesnt matter to them what car/truck it is could be a stock truck and they may be just as thrilled with the pic(s) as i am about my cars pics.

I'm just starting to get into photography...all my pics are raw off the camera with just the insignia and border...i know photoshop, but i need to learn it in depth and take the pics farther.
Dude, that is some of the best pics i have ever seen. those are truly amazing