"Pinky" the sleeper S10

Oct 8, 2009
Northern New Jersey
I have never loved a truck as much as this old 1994 S10. I bought it for $600 when fuel prices were outrageous and daily drove it to save a bit of cash. This truck never skipped a beat or let me down.

I haven't owned anything fast in a few years and my 6.0 2500HD started to feel like a rocket compared to this 2.2/5 speed setup.

Motor is an LQ9 (polished crank, new bearings, honed, new rings, BTR .660" springs, 232/244 cam, arp rod bolts, 1 7/8" long tubes, straub rocker bushings, chain damper, Victor Jr and proform 850 carb) mated to a TH400 with an FTI converter.

The cap was recently scored from the town dump!

I snagged these Procar seats off Craigslist for $160 with brackets for a Ford Ranger. I didn't finish modifying the brackets yet. I would have loved to keep the stock bench seat but the lack of head rest at my height freaks me out... safety first.

And Jegs has a sale going on for the Mickey Thompson ET Street drag radials. The 235 60 15 is the biggest I can fit on the stock wheel, $150/tire!

This truck shouldn't have any issues holding it's own against just about anything it encounters on the street or the track (Friday night street legals). If I get pounded badly st the track, I'll throw a 100 shot on this motor. It should have enough power to go 11.50s on motor. While I'm aware it isn't going to be the fastest thing in the world, it sure will upset quiet a few guys to lose to a pink s10 that looks as gay as this thing does!
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