post pics of your OBS

Oct 17, 2012
North Carolina
Re: post pics of your OBS

Heres a little update. Or big, whichever haha.
Hit a buzzard at about 60 mph on the way to work about a week ago and it busted my grill and broke my headlights and turn signals. I got a new grill since the screw holes where the turn signals screw into are busted and theres cracks all in it and it busted the signals and my headlight mounts.

I ordered some chrome headlights And removed my tow mirrors and put my stock ones of for a while so I could take the mirrors and grill to be color matched. After some good time and money here she is! Ill have better pics later.
Im super happy with the mirrors but the grill will take some getting used to. Its way cleaner, I will say that but the old look was way meaner and more aggressive IMO. But I want clean so im sticking with the all PTM, debadging and a smoothie front bumper in the future,

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