Project Truck Thread..updated pics as I go

Re: Project Truck Thread..updated pics as I go

Here's an idea for you. Since you had mentioned fabricating your own light housings, I thought it would be kind of cool to visually link them to the grille. So I moved the center bar down, slotted it and then put matching slots in for the turn signals. Not quite sure what to do about the headlight buckets, maybe something '07-'13 Yukon-ish?

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Jimmy P

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Aug 12, 2001
Re: Project Truck Thread..updated pics as I go

Been a long few months of wiring the truck up. I cant believe how many wires, connectors and relays are needed to wire a vehicle from scratch essentially.
Picked up some "new" bear claw latches from AVS that include the actuator built in. I still need to figure out how to setup the factory style lock to prevent someone from accidentally opening the door while the vehicle is moving.

Because the suicide door hinges open up so far I was having a hard time getting the wiring to run into the door without pinching or binding. I found that some aftermarket street rod companies were selling "wireless" setups that used contactors. They were expensive and sort of cheesy looking so I found some mazda mini van setups from the rear sliding doors. They are nice oem quality parts that serve the same purpose and I got them for $35 on ebay. Took some time to get them lined up perfectly but so far they look good. Still need to get them wired into all the door accessories.

Dash is almost done

Seats were a little tall with the factory brackets. I had planned to cut down the brackets but it was less work to fab up some new ones. Popped some holes in them and used the dimple die to finish the off.

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