Random Item Photo Comp NOVEMBER

Jan 14, 2005
northern KY
Posting this now, as i will be out of town for the first week of november. Not sure why or how the October thread ended up closed, but gonna try it again for this month.

November Topic is: Change of Season. So pics of leaves changing, holiday decorations going up, anything you think fits the bill

1. Photo must be taken withing 30 days of the start of the comp ,Oct. 1st, through the submission date of Nov. 25. Exif Data must be able to support this
2. YOU must take the photo. Honor System here folks, keep it honest.
3. at the end of the submission period, all eligible entries will put into a Poll to be voted on. The winner after a 1 week voting period will be have the opportunity to choose the topic for the next competition.
4. Photo must come straight from the camera. NO POST PROCESSING. this is about who can take the best photo, not who can edit to get a better photo.
5. Interpret the topic as you please but it must make sense. I will have Final call on what photos are eligible.
6. Have fun and get out and take some pics!


Staff member
Nov 14, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
Re: Random Item Photo Comp NOVEMBER

Well I live in FL and the only real change of season I've noticed is that it's getting dark earlier and stores are just now starting to setup for Christmas. I'm still running around in shorts and a t-shirt most days. So this is my FL fun picture of season changing.... Haha!