Random Photo Competition revival for October

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Jan 14, 2005
northern KY
Bringing back the Random Photo Comps!!

THis months topic is "doubles" so pics of two of anything, does not have to be truck related at all. Lets see what we can get going for this

1. Photo must be taken withing 30 days of the start of the comp ,sept. 1st, through the submission date of oct. 25. Exif Data must be able to support this
2. YOU must take the photo. Honor System here folks, keep it honest.
3. at the end of the submission period, all eligible entries will put into a Poll to be voted on. The winner after a 1 week voting period will be have the opportunity to choose the topic for the next competition.
4. Photo must come straight from the camera. NO POST PROCESSING. this is about who can take the best photo, not who can edit to get a better photo.
5. Interpret the topic as you please but it must make sense. I will have Final call on what photos are eligible.
6. Have fun and get out and take some pics!
Not open for further replies.