Selling my 454 TBI with extras

Totaled my truck :( so I'm parting out some stuff...

For sale is a used GM 454 TBI unit with cop car injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, injector pod spacer, throttle position sensor and idle air control motor. This came off of a very good running Chevy small block 350 engine. The throttle body base has not been modified but the fuel injector pod has with light polishing/smoothing. The plug for the idle screw has been drilled out for adjustment of the idle screw as well as the throttle position sensor has been modified for proper adjustment as well. As stated this is in great condition and came off of a good running engine (would still be on there if the truck didn't get totaled :( ) Throttle shaft is good with no vacuum leaks.

Please note! Auction is starting with a "Buy it Now" option which if it is used I will include a matching phenolic spacer (see pictures). If "Buy it Now" is not used then no spacer will be included. If auction exceeds $225.00 then I will include the spacer.

Paypal only.
Shipping to continental US only.

Thank you and good luck!

Listed on e-bay

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Jan 2, 2013
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Selling my 454 TBI with extras

If the auction ends without a buyer I will offer $100.

Edit - oops didn't notice someone already bid $150.
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