SUV Body Removal


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Jun 6, 2006
Haven't really been on this site that much lately but figure Id ask this question see if anyone has done this.

I have a full size 1995 Tahoe that is lifted with a solid axle swapped up front. I've been kicking around the idea of getting ride of it but the truck was so much fun to drive when I did drive it. I figure, if I do keep it, Id like to eventually fix it up a bit.I've even thought of removing the body from frame to clean the underside and have the frame sandblasted.

Has anyone removed the body of a full size, 4 door, SUV with out a hoist/lift? Only thing I could think of it running 4x4 under the truck from side to side and rolling the frame out. Not sure how sturdy it would be.

Any other ideas, or even pictures if you have done something like this?