Wanted: Tahoe fender flares

Jan 27, 2008
Decatur, IL
Hello all, I have a 99 Chevy Tahoe OBS 4DR I need to add fender flares to. I purchased a set of tires and rims and they just stick out enough to be border line legal and they sling stuff all over the side of my truck. I am looking for a cheap as possible or maybe trades on stuff. I don't really care of the color because I have another paint idea going, I just at least need the rear 4 pcs for the 4dr Tahoe.
Re: Wanted: Tahoe fender flares

you ever around indianapolis?
i got a set of 4dr hoe flares. not factory but factory style. they aint perfect but plenty usable condition!
alittle plastic epoxy and they will look just fine. 70bucks local pickup/ 46112 im typically available 3pm-8pm most days. sorry no shipping tho. shipping these flares are freakin expensive due to there large size! :(
borrow someones good MPG car and its ruffly 150miles from ya about 2.5hour one way trip. wouldnt hurt to much gas cost and just a nice road cruise. ;) very good deal if ya dont mind the drive and gas is say.

Re: Wanted: Tahoe fender flares

ya 4dr hoe flares are freakin hard as hell to find!!!!! this is the 3rd set ive found from going to my local junkyard for like 5+years regularly. i was going to glue the flares and primer them and sell them for more but i needed garage space and just threw them into a big box and threw them out in my semi trailer out back and pretty much forgot about them.lol