Wheel Request Please.......

Oct 26, 2004
Lawrence, Kansas
To anyone that does photoshop, I was curious if someone would mind helping me out. I am wanting to see a couple different wheels on my truck. I am honestly tired of what I currently have on it and have been looking at something new. If I post up a current picture of my truck, and then a few different wheel pictures I was wondering if those that did it would mind doing some work for me if they are bored. I would greatly appreciate it if someone had a chance to do it. I didn't have a good current one so this one I'm posting is the day I bought it. If you could also tint the front window real dark to simulate the current look that would be great.


XD Spy's. The front wheel would probably be best to use as its more of a direct side view.

Moto Metal 955's. Rear wheel would probably be best to use on this one.

Thats it for now. I think there is more I'd like to see but I can't find any good pics of the wheels right now.