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Retired Army and Post Office..working on older Chevys...Looking for parts for my 55 BelAir Sedan. It has a tilt frontend, 396 (375 hp), 4spd and I'm looking for headlight buckets and exterior lighting parts..Lenses, Bulbs etc.
How do I remove the shift cable bracket on my 2000 z71 4l60e.
I need to change the shift solenoids and can’t get the pan off.
Good to hear you are back in a Chevy! I dont know about to many good deals around here. all the good deals I keep seeing seem to be in the St. Stephen area or Edmunston or down around yarmouth... which are all too far for me to go unless im spending big bucks.... and that dont happen too often. ( I'm a bit of a cheap arse...LOL)
Sorry been logged out for long time ended up selling my chev to buy my former employers insulating buisness and it cam with a F150 4x4 lol so was kinda ashamed to show my face on here knowing all i got was ford so now my fords gone 2 weeks ago and got back a chev wooohoo . Anyway im from cape breton . Ur right most are from usa and not many from canada especially our way . Good too see ur in moncton which is closer than most on here . By the way im looking for second fsc as well if you know of any in Nb for sale looking for 2007-2014 full size 4door 4x4 for around 9000 - 16000 cash iv been looking for the last couoke weeks cause nb has better dewls for some reason
I'm looking for help solving an issue I'm having with my 2008 Silverado LTZ driver side front door and pass side rear door both locks quit working at the same time inside and with the Fob any ideas ?