Some Rare and Cool Chevrolet Editions goes over some of the rarest editions that Chevrolet put out. There are a few more but we focused on the trucks of course!


K10 Sno Chaser

The Sno Chaser differed from conventional and other special edition models thanks to bed-mounted cab spoiler. Other than that, it had the Sno Chaser decals at the rear end of the cab. It seems that all of them also had different lower paint protective treatment separated from the base paint by a pinstripe.


Cameo Carrier

Years: 1955-1958

All Cameos had a two-tone paint job, but 1955 models only had one colorway to choose from: white and red. Likewise, all had either the standard 235ci six-cylinder or optional 265ci V8 engine which grew to 283ci for the last two years.


Blazer Chalet

Years: 1976-1977

It was nothing other than Chevy K5 Blazer with a slide-in camper mounted in the bed. That camper which featured a dinette table, a stainless steel sink, either two or optional 4 bunk beds, and optional refrigerator and stove among other things, raised the price to a whopping $9,426.

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