Stock GMC Sierra Takes On The Widowmaker

Normally it takes a pretty good list of mods to make sure your truck can take this monster of a hill. This bone stock Sierra just proved everybody wrong! Daniel Vye is not one to turn down a challenge, and when his friend said he was going to go up the Widowmaker Hill in his truck, he couldn’t say no to the offer.



This hill climb takes place every year in Croydon, Utah and is called the Widowmaker and it’s a 600ft tall hill that rises at roughly a 45-degree angle.

“We were meeting up with him to go wheeling that day and he was a bit early, and as he was sitting, waiting for us, he said he spent the whole time staring at the hill contemplating whether he could make it or not,” said Vye. “I said, ‘If you want to try it, I’ll jump in the passenger seat.’ The girlfriend grabbed the camera, he backed up, and we just hit the hills, foot to the floor and didn’t let off until we got over the top.”

The Widowmaker is a popular hill for dirt bikers in the Batchelor Heights area of Kamloops.

“I’ve personally never seen a truck make it over the top,” said Vye.